An Eclipse plugin for Dart and Flutter development.

Screenshot of Dartboard in action

In the summer of 2019 my proposal for Dart language support in the Eclipse IDE was accepted by the Eclipse Foundation to be part of Google Summer of Code 2019. My goal was to develop a plugin for Eclipse that enabled all those features every developer loves, like syntax highlighting and error reporting, for the Dart language. Dart is a relatively new language that recently gained a lot of momentum due to the new Flutter project.

Syntax Highlighting and Error Reporting

Dart syntax highlighting in Eclipse

Thanks to the powerful Dart Analysis Server any Syntax Errors are highlighted and brought to your attention as you type. Using TextMate Grammars, Dartboard provides Syntax Highlighting directly inside the editor of the Eclipse IDE for any Dart source file.


Project management in Eclipse

Create and Manage your Dart and Flutter projects just like any other project archetype supported in Eclipse.

Dependency Management

Screencap of Pub dependencies

Dartboard automatically synchronizes any changes to your dependencies.

Launch Configuration

Launching Dart programs directly from the IDE

Launch Dart projects directly from the IDE. Dartboard even provides hot-reloading for some projects, so re-compilating after every change won't be necessary anymore.